Acting for the future


2020 trees for 2020

Driven by strong values, we share the same mission: to imagine and create the cities of tomorrow. Our ethical principles shape our culture and build our reputation. To create and develop resilient, efficient and human cities is our challenge and our commitment. But as towns increase in population and become ever more connected, humanity realises its future also relies on healthy and sustainable forests. Carbon confinement, soil stability, rainwater retention & purification, renewable energy sources, biodiversity reserve, fight against climate change… forests & trees are the heroes we need for a sustainable and stable future.

This year, Atenor launches the “Acting for the future” action (campaign). In the 8 countries where we are present, we have committed to plant 2020 trees in 2020. In Belgium we launched the action in partnership withThe Société Royale Forestière de Belgique. A pragmatic way to show our commitment for cities, for a sustainable future, to improve air quality and also a contribution to restoring our Belgian forests. Poland and Romania have already jumped on the bandwagon and have planted their own 2020 trees.

2020 planted trees = 1 hectare of replanted forest = 6 tons absorbed CO2 / year

Following Belgium, this initiative will take place in every European country where ATENOR is present.

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