A responsible and committed actor of the city, this is how ATENOR defines itself. Based on this conviction we have deployed strategic communication actions illustrating our key values.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency – these two words underpin our values and our rules of behaviour with regard to our partners and shareholders. Shareholders who invest in ATENOR do so over the long term. They project themselves into the future and acquire prospects for development. Our transparent communication reassures shareholders who put their trust in our capacity to deliver those prospects.

Smart city stakeholder

Smart cities stakeholder – We are committed to providing new concepts that contribute to the urban innovation of tomorrow and to the development of smart cities. Our communication strategy accordingly showcases architectural excellence, innovation and our investment in sustainable projects, soft mobility and new services intended to improve the comfort, security and quality of life of the inhabitants.
ATENOR Stratégie Engagement sociétal

ATENOR Stratégie Engagement sociétal

Social commitment

Social responsibility – innovation, culture and creativity are central to urban renewal and to the international outreach of cities. ATENOR has committed itself publicly to entrepreneurs, talents and artists. It accordingly provides advice and support for entrepreneurs with innovative projects such as BuzzyNest, the start-up incubator. ATENOR has also committed itself publicly to artists to make the city more attractive or help people discover its countless guises.
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