Les Berges de l’Argentine

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ATENOR is giving a new lease of life to an old brownfield in La Hulpe, where the old paper mills had already made room for Swift. Opposite the pond, a few minutes on foot from the station, the proposed project will combine office facilities with new apartments (in the back) in the midst of a magnificent park: A sterling opportunity for ATENOR to confirm its roots in the Municipality of La Hulpe but also for the Municipality to cultivate its appeal thanks to the development of an exemplary mixed quarter.

Last news : on 23 December 2019, as part of the development of the residential part of the project, ATENOR SA has signed a partnership agreement with Immobilière du Cerf, owner of the land of more than 6 hectares directly adjacent. The objective is to develop a joint project in which the percentage of ATENOR participation is around 80%. This agreement is part of a comprehensive approach to rehabilitating the site of the Anciennes Papeteries Intermills, with a view to establishing a sustainable, intergenerational residential area, a real link between the center and La Hulpe railway station.
Jean-Michel Malaise_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_035

Jean-Michel Malaise

Project Director


Beginning of the works : Q3 2017


27,100 m² residential - 4,250 m² offices - 400 m² retail


MDW Architecture

Project owner

ATENOR SA - Immobilère du Cerf

Berges de l'Argentine - projet logements

Les Berges de l'Argentine - Newsletter no 1 - Discover the different facets of the project

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