Square 42

Luxembourg, Belval In portfolio
At the end of a consultation initiated by AGORA, in charge of the urban development of Belval, ATENOR was selected from among many candidates for the development of the project Square 42 located in the Central Square in the municipality of Esch-sur-Alzette.
Square 42 will offer 20,350 m² of offices and 1,250 m² of shops. Its location is both unique and strategic. Square 42 is ideally located at the crossroads of the “main office street", Porte de France, and the "main pedestrian shopping street", the cornerstone of Central Square and gateway to the Belval site.
This new project clearly highlights ATENOR's willingness to contribute, in collaboration with AGORA, to the development of innovative and large-scale real estate projects on the Belval site.
Olivier Guilloteaux_ATENOR Luxembourg_Studio_025

Olivier Guilloteaux

Project Manager, for Go Consult s.à.r.l.


Beginning of the works : 2021


20,350 m² offices - 1,250 m² retail


A2M and Moreno Architecture

Project owner


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