Luxembourg, City of Luxembourg Completed
In the very heart of the Kirchberg Plateau, at the former offices of the Luxembourgish insurance company Le Foyer, the President project consists of three mixed office and retail buildings totalling 29 890 m² of rental floor space.


Completed in 2010


29,890 m² offices


Assar Marc Ewen in cooperation with A.U. 21 Worré & Schiltz

Project owner

SPC President (100% ATENOR)

Located next to a park, the high-tech buildings, designed as vast and luminous work plateaux, frame an inner garden enhanced by a green, essentially pedestrian esplanade.

the 266 parking places on the site improve the comfort of the occupants and their visitors. .

A bold project

The President project is among ATENOR greatest successes. In fact, given the scope of the project, the cost of hte land, the complexity of the urban planning process, and having to obtain official permits, the implementation of the project was not risk free. ​

A functional and pleasant framework

Designed in accordance with the strictest sustainable technology criteria, the architectural concepts plays above all on the arrangement of volumes, the relability of state-of-the-art equipment, natural light and the close interaction with the surrounding nature. .

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