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A new urban impetus for the South Station neighbourhood.
The South Station is one of the major gateways to the Capital of Europe. As part of an ambitious strategy, the Brussels-Capital Region approved a master plan for the neighbourhood up to 2022 and 2030, which will soon lead to an urban development master plan. A stakeholder in the outreach of the capital, ATENOR came forward as a partner by proposing the Victor project. The approach is not short on ambition: ATENOR, in partnership with BPI, plans to develop an urban block that will host an office tower and residential buildings on a common base that combines retail outlets and services.
Julie Willem

Julie Willem

International Executive Manager, for Juw! SC


Beginning of the works est. : Q2 2022


17,800 m² residential units - 72.500 m² offices - 4,000 m² retail and equipments


Jaspers - Eyers Architects + 51N4E

Project owner

Victor Estates S.A., Immoange S.A., Victor Bara S.A. & Victor Spaak S.A.

This urban block will be crossed by a passage accessible to the public so as to connect the project better with the neighbourhood. To make it even more user friendly, the roof of the base will be designed as a hanging garden accessible from the dwellings.

The stakes are high to turn this neighbourhood into a future postcard of Brussels!

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