Belgium, Brussels Completed
Like the Luxbourg building that abuts with it, the Montbourg office complex (8 300 m²) has been entirely renovated. All 25 000 m² were sold in 1997 and 1998 to the KBC group (a financial institution). The offices are currently occupied by the European Commission.


Completed in 1999


25 000 m² offices


Bureau Henri Montois - Bureau L.H.L.

Project owner

SPC Erasmonde (66% ATENOR in partnership with P&V) and SPC Perennis ((77% ATENOR in partnership with the CGER bank)

ATENOR Projet Montbourg Bruxelles Vue De Coté
ATENOR Projet Montbourg Bruxelles Vue Depuis Carrefour
ATENOR Projet Montbourg Bruxelles Vue Ciel
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