Known all over the world, the city of Paris offers many wonders. Districts are constantly evolving and renewing. Impressive frescoes and street art works flourish between the abandoned industrial areas and the new buildings under construction


PARIS – The Aerosol (18e)

Located in the 18th arrondissement, cradle of urban cultures in France, the Aerosol is a place of life in perpetual movement. This industrial site has until recently hosted many temporary events that generate meetings and emotions. The Aerosol is part of Temporary Artistic Sites established by SNCF Immobilier, in order to give ephemeral life to some of the unused and obsolete areas of the SNCF, while waiting for their urban reconversion.


PARIS – Canal Saint Denis, Aubervilliers (19e)

Along the banks of the Canal Saint-Denis, there is what the French call Street Art Avenue. Home to frescoes and ephemeral works, this avenue extends over 500 m long, from the France Stadium to the Park la Villette. It does not take more for the street of Aubervillers to be considered as the biggest spot of Street Art in Paris. A place of stunning creativity in a surprising setting.


PARIS – Rue Denoyez (20e)

Rue Dénoyez, in the heart of Belleville, is a well-known place for Urban Art lovers. As an outdoor art studio, this small street is a magnificent playground whose beauty is ephemeral. The magic of this little street lies in the fact that, even if some works remain in time, rue Dénoyez is never the same. Artists modify it every day, with bombs and brushes. Rue Dénoyez will soon see a new impetus, since Street Art is gradually leaving place for new buildings under construction. Between roadblocks and diggers, rue Dénoyez remains an essential place for Street Art in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.


PARIS – Rue Ordener (18e)

In front of the place Louis-Baillot, a former wall of the SNCF is now entirely dedicated to Street Art. Spanning more than 300 m long, this wall is a real urban playground where graffiti, tags and stencils, engaged or not, marry perfectly.


PARIS – Marais district

The Marais district, known for its charm and rich historical past, is not famous for its Urban Art. Yet, at the mercy of streets and narrow passages, Street Art flourishes and unfolds more and more. While some works are added only for their aesthetic appearance, many others have powerful messages to address to the oppressed.


PARIS – Lavo//Matik

The Lavo // Matik is a bookstore specializing in Urban Arts located in the new district Paris Rive Gauche, in the 13th arrondissement. Dedicated to Urban Art, the Lavo // Matik offers many exhibitions to discover creative and talented artists whose common point is the passion for urban culture. Next to it, a stair leads to public works where Street Art artists have found a perfect place for creation.