Allocation of shares on 31 December 2018

In accordance with its corporate governance charter, ATENOR provides information about its shareholding structure with full transparency.

total number of shares

Shareholding structure

Shareholders Number of shares Holdings % of which shares forming part of the joined shareholding
3D n.v. (1) 695.643 12.35 521.437
LUXEMPART s.a. (1) 600.247 10.66 521.437
ForAtenoR s.a. (1) 592.880 10.53 592.880
ALVA s.a. (1) 521.437 9.26 521.437
Stéphan Sonneville s.a. (1) (2) 241.030 4.28 150.500
Sub-total 2.651.237 47.08 2.307.691
Treasury shares 231.825 4.12
Public 2.748.014 48.80
Total 5.631.076 100.00

(1) Signatories of the Shareholders’Agreement
(2) Managing Director, company controlled by Mr Stéphan Sonneville
In compliance with article 74 of the law of 1 April 2007, these shareholders have communicated to the company that they held as a joined holding, at the date of entry into effect of the aforementioned law, more than 30% of the securities with voting rights.

Corporate charter

The ATENOR charter defines the key elements of its mission, its ambitions and commitments and describes our modus operandi and the rules that govern it.

ATENOR Articles of Association

The articles of association of ATENOR define its form, name, registered office, object, and term, but also its share capital, shares, contributions, obligations and its administration, management and audit.
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