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Vaci Greens, Budapest

Investing in ATENOR:
a transparent communication strategy geared to our shareholders

Shareholders who invest in ATENOR expect a return. Our mission therefore is to create value by implanting a clear and widely disseminated strategy. We offer shareholders who have decided to invest in the property development sector a diversification of their risk, a specific approach to the business and access to large-scale projects.

Our mission therefore aims to provide them with regular remuneration, based on recurrent profits from increasingly diversified sources. It also consists in ensuring growth in the value of ATENOR’s assets through the consolidation and expansion of expertise and the constant renewal of the portfolio of new projects.
in € millions 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Net results (group share) 15.33 19.96 20.37 22.18 35.18 37.78
Current cash flow 17.74 23.03 19.72 25.51 32.99 38.49
Capital and reserves 112.90 126.80 139.39 149.64 170.30 187.05
Market capitalization 218.29 264.66 256.27 264.63 287.18 406.56
(1) Net profit + deprecation, provisions and reductions of value.
The financial information for financial year 2019 was established and published in accordance with the IFRS standards approved by the European Union.

Consolidated net results

Current cash flow

Consolidated capital and reserves

Investor relations – Contact

Sidney D. Bens, Chief Financial Officer

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