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Agreement on the sale of the NYSDAM OFFICE PARK (La Hulpe, Belgium)

10 January 2020 – ATENOR announces that an agreement has been reached on the sale of the shares of the company HEXATEN SA, owner of the NYSDAM OFFICE PARK, to a company managed by PROJECT2, an Antwerp property developer.
Ideally located in a magnificent park, the site has a direct bus line that connects it to La Hulpe train station in just 5 minutes, and is only 5 minutes from the Ring Road and the E411 motorway.
The NSYDAM offers over 15,600 m² of office floor space. It is a prime example of a building equipped to meet the requirements of today’s businesses, with a conciergerie offering a wide range of services, lounges and fitness rooms. The building ground floor, fitted with a vast co-working space, houses “BUZZYNEST”, a business incubator.

The transfer of the company HEXATEN SA fits our clear strategy addressed to investors of not keeping any investment building in our portfolio, in order to focus the group’s human and financial resources on the redevelopment/development core business. This sale will have a positive impact on ATENOR results in 2019.

Nysdam Office Park_La Hulpe


Agreement on the sale of an office building of the AU FIL DES GRANDS PRES (Mons, Belgium)

10 January 2020 – ATENOR announces that an agreement has been reached with the Office National de l’Emploi (ONEM) – National Employment Office – regarding the sale of an office building of the AU FIL DES GRANDS PRES project.
AU FIL DES GRANDS PRES is strategically located in Mons, in a district undergoing major redevelopment, opposite the Grands Prés shopping centre. The site is near to the Imagix cinema complex, the Mons Expo exhibition hall and the congress centre designed by the well-known architect Daniel Libeskind.
The project is divided into two phases. Phase one started in 2015 with the construction of 266 residential units, all sold. Phase two will be allocated to the development of around 350 residential units and over 14,000 m² of offices and local shops.
The sale in future state of completion concerns the office building 01 of a floor area of 2,917 m² whose permit, cleared of any claims, was issued by the Walloon Region authorities on 20 November 2019.
This sale will have a positive impact on ATENOR results in 2020 and 2021.

Au Fil des Grands Prés - Mons


Mission and values

Driven by the same values, we share the same mission:  to imagine and design a more sustainable, more open, more connected and more accessible city.

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European commitment

We believe in the future of cities and of Europe. We aspire to create or give entire districts new impetus so as to revitalize the urban fabric and improve the life of citizens.

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Excellence and diversity

We are convinced that audacity, diversity and opening onto the world constitute a source of innovation and value creation. Guided by our passion and the search for excellence, we are a committed and responsible stakeholder.

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Integrity and transparency

Our ethical principles are shaping our culture and making our reputation: integrity in management, respect for the environment in which we work, entrepreneurial courage, and transparent communication.



Shareholders who invest in ATENOR expect a return. Our mission therefore is to create value by implanting a clear and widely disseminated strategy.



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