International sustainable urban developer

Who we are

ATENOR is an international sustainable urban real estate developer with European expertise listed on the Euronext Brussels market.


Investing in ATENOR: the guarantee of a sustainable investment.

For more than 25 years, ATENOR has achieved a succession of results without stopping, creating expertise and resilience recognized by the markets where the company is present.

By investing in ATENOR, the shareholder expects a return.

Our task is therefore to create value by implementing a clear, transparent and widely disseminated strategy.

Over the years, we have defined and clarified our profession, that of an international, sustainable, urban real estate developer, and set out how we conduct it.

To shareholders who have chosen to invest in the real estate development sector, we offer risk diversification, a specific approach to the business and access to mixed, sustainable and large-scale real estate projects in 10 European countries.


LIV DE MOLENS: Planning permission obtained for phase 2

ATENOR and 3D REAL ESTATE are pleased to have obtained the building permit which they jointly applied in December 2021, for further development of the Liv De Molens project in Deinze. The planning permit for the second part of Liv De Molens project was approved at the Municipal Executive meeting of 20.09.2022 and has become executable…