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ATENOR 'Art for Cities'

10 October 2019 – Keen to move a little further forward in its role as an urban actor, ATENOR has opted to take a sideways look at cities through Street Art. It’s a way of seeing places in a different light, showing neighbourhoods in their present state and imagining their future. This led to a partnership with the photographer BENOÎT FERON.

Sharing the same passion for cities, their history, their citizens and their evolution, ATENOR and BENOÎT FERON have joined forces to launch the exhibition “Art for Cities”. The exhibition reveals the beauties of Street Art throughout Europe and particularly in the 8 cities where ATENOR is present.

It is at the heart of Europe, in Brussels, that the 1st edition of the exhibition took place.  From 2020, the exhibition will travel around Europe and will be hosted in Budapest, Bucharest, Luxembourg, Warsaw and Paris.



Half-year results 2019

4 sept 2019 – “We close the first semester with a result of € 6.3 million. This result comes from the margins earned on the pre-sold projects, in both office and residential, and the temporary lease revenues of the office buildings in portfolio. ATENOR’s presence in several countries with sustained economic growth, coupled with the extension of its business portfolio, enables to generate positive results every year. In view of the likelihood of successfully concluding the negotiations in progress and the agreements reached, ATENOR expects, at this stage, a better result in 2019 to the one of 2018”.
Stéphan Sonneville SA



Mission and values

Driven by the same values, we share the same mission:  to imagine and design a more sustainable, more open, more connected and more accessible city.

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European commitment

We believe in the future of cities and of Europe. We aspire to create or give entire districts new impetus so as to revitalize the urban fabric and improve the life of citizens.

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Excellence and diversity

We are convinced that audacity, diversity and opening onto the world constitute a source of innovation and value creation. Guided by our passion and the search for excellence, we are a committed and responsible stakeholder.

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Integrity and transparency

Our ethical principles are shaping our culture and making our reputation: integrity in management, respect for the environment in which we work, entrepreneurial courage, and transparent communication.



Shareholders who invest in ATENOR expect a return. Our mission therefore is to create value by implanting a clear and widely disseminated strategy.



Our projects

Lot 42- Belval - image 3d 1

Lot 42

Luxembourg, Belval


Hungary, Budapest
Lankelz - Esch-sur-Alzette


Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette
Fort 7

Fort 7

Poland, Warsaw




Made up of contrasts and confronted by many challenges, the city is alive. It is a place where the various dynamics that drive our civilizations meet.

DivercityMag invites you to (re)discover it through a voyage that will introduce you to its developments, innovations, and the men and women who are designing the city of tomorrow.


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