Key data


Some key data illustrating the development of ATENOR.

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Evolution of the net profit

2019 : 37.78 million euros

ATENOR finished FY 2019 with a positive net result of € 37.78 M, an increase
of more than 7% compared to 2018.

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Evolution of the equity capital over 5 years

2019 : 187.05 million euros

In 2018, ATENOR equity capital reached 187.05 million euros, i.e. an increase of 47.5% over 5 years

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Evolution of the dividends

2019 : gross dividend : 2.20 €

In 6 years, the gross dividend increased from 2.00 € to 2.31 €

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Our portfolio

28 projects in 13 European cities

ATENOR currently has 29 projects on portfolio in 8 European countries for an area of ca. 1,200,000 m².

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