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The GRESB* (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), an international organisation which assesses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances in the real estate sector, has published the results of its annual evaluation.

For its first participation, ATENOR has obtained the highest score of 5 stars, out of the 5 awarded. To this first recognition can be added not only the title of Regional Listed Sector Leader Europe, but also that of Global Listed Sector Leader.

This result is, for ATENOR, the validation of a concrete, transparent and integrated sustainability policy implemented by the whole of its team over the past 5 years, in each of the 10 countries where the company has a presence.

In 2022, 1,820 companies in the real estate sector worldwide took part in the evaluation by providing data concerning their management, their performance and their sustainability transition development strategy.

The score obtained, 5 stars, is a recognition for companies featuring amongst the 20% at the top of the benchmark.

Already a forerunner in terms of urban planning and development, ATENOR has in a few years become a leader in sustainable real estate development, whilst undertaking a unique geographical diversification of its expertise and its activities at European level.

Its business model, based on its value creation cycle, includes the ESG principles in each of its stages. For five years now, ATENOR’s commitment to sustainable development has been clearly displayed, with a constant concern for pragmatism and innovation being maintained, in particular within its R&D unit, ArchiLab. ArchiLab enables appropriate and therefore sustainable project design.

In practice, ATENOR is committed to sustainability transition by founding its policy on 4 interconnected and essential pillars, that is to say economic resilience, environmental contribution, social impact and extended governance.

Besides recognition for its commitment, the GRESB evaluation has enabled ATENOR to position itself amongst its peers, to stick to the course it has set and to send a clear message to capital markets and to investors. ATENOR will continue to deploy its commitment in order to remain amongst the leaders regarding sustainability within the real estate development sector.

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Stéphan Sonneville, CEO Atenor

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About the GRESB :

Founded in 2009, the GRESB is an industry-led organisation that provides ESG data to financial markets specifically dedicated to the real estate sector. Each year the GRESB assesses and benchmarks the ESG strategy and performance implemented by companies in the sector internationally. This evaluation enables a foregrounding of the companies’ commitments, management and analysis strategies, decision-making processes and reporting methods, thus providing the market and investors with clear and transparent data.

About ATENOR :

ATENOR is a sustainable real estate development company with European expertise, listed on the Euronext Brussels market. Its mission is to respond to new requirements for the evolution of urban and professional life through sustainable urban planning and architecture. ATENOR achieves its mission by investing in large-scale real estate projects that meet strict criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment. ATENOR is recognised as an international and sustainable urban developer, aligned with European taxonomy and aiming for the highest BREEAM and WELL standards.