University Business Center

Poland, Warsaw
An initial office project for ATENOR in Warsaw. Encouraged by our success in Hungary and Romania, we are consolidating our presence on growing European markets. In June 2018, ATENOR acquired two buildings and launched the University Business Centre project in the Mokotow District, next to the University.
True to our location criteria, we opted for a dynamic, ultra-accessible neighbourhood close to the airport. This new project provides for the development of at least 56,800 m² offices and 900 parking places.

19 March 2020 :Building permit submitted.
The submitted Building Permit includes the demolition of the first existing building (UBC I) and the construction of the new A-class building of 24,000 m² rentable area. The new building will offer a wide set of amenities for tenants including canteen and coffee corner, childcare, facilities for cyclists and charging points for electric vehicles.


Beginning of the works : 2021 - End : 2024


In portfolio


56,800 m² offices


Grupa 5

Project owner

Haverhill Investments sp z.o.o. (100% ATENOR)

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