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Poland, Warsaw In portfolio
On 14 May 2019, ATENOR signed an agreement, through its new Polish subsidiary, relating to the acquisition of a new plot of 14,1 ha, located near the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The zoning conditions plot allow to build about 250,000 m² which will be mainly devoted to the development of offices, hotels and/or conferences and services center.
The plot enjoys very good public transport connectivity. It is located close to the main motorway network, to the airport bus station and to 5 bus lines. This major development is located at the start of the airport-town centre road. This “Business Corridor” is targeted by companies searching for a financially affordable alternative for their location, and offering excellent mobility.
Mariusz Aleksandrowicz_POLAND

Mariusz Aleksandrowicz

Project Manager


Beginning of the works : 2021


220,000 m² offices - 30,000m² retail


JEMS Architekci

Project owner

Brookfort Investments sp.z.o.o (100% ATENOR)

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