Arena Business Campus

Hungary, Budapest In portfolio
A second office campus in Budapest. In the wake of the success of Vaci Greens, ATENOR opted for District VIII of Budapest, one of the most promising districts of the Hungarian capital, to develop an innovative project. Designed as a small district in a dynamic urban environment, the Arena Business Campus stands out thanks to its architectural audicity. Arena Business Campus comprises 80.000 m² offices and retail spaces. The 4 buildings surround a vast garden and a surprising set of footbridges and walkways interconnect the buildings, conferring an airy style on the project and a relaxing atmosphere.
Rental agreements have already been signed. Among others, Arena Business Campus will host the companies Emerson and Freshland.

Last news : April 9 : Construction works of Building A successfully completed and deadline met!
Imre Harmat_Ateno Hungary_Studio_006

Imre Harmat

Project Manager, for HILAND kft 


Beginning of the works : Q4 2018


74,300 m² offices - 6,100 m² retail



Project owner

Hungaria Greens Kft (100% ATENOR)

ATENOR Projet Arena Business Campus Budapest Vue De Coté
ATENOR Projet Arena Business Campus Budapest Vue Couché De Soleil
ATENOR Projet Arena Business Campus Budapest Vue Cour Intérieure
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