City Dox

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Ideally located at the entrance of the City and along the banks of the Canal in Anderlecht, City Dox is a new district which gathers apartments, a rest home, a service residence, retails, services to business and productive activities, in a green surrounding with parks and gardens. The district keeps growing : additional residential units, productive activities, services to business and a school. Following the competition launched on 4 April 2019, the jury selected the XDGA architects firm for the phased development of the next 3 blocks located along the Canal.
Thibaut de Poucques_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_031

Thibaut de Poucques

Project Director, DIPIFOR SRL

Renault Pilibbossian_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_032

Renaud Pilibbossian

Project Manager, for Run Project Solutions SRL


Beginning of the works : 2016 - End : 2024


98,000 m2 residential - 6,026 m2 Service Residence - 10,176 m2 Rest Home - 17,000 m2 services to business - 9,800 m2 productive activities


architectesassoc s.p.r.l. , ETAU Architects s.p.r.l. , JNC International, XDGA

Project owner

Rest Island s.a. (100% ATENOR) - Immobilière de la Petite Ile s.a. (100% ATENOR)

City Dox Brussels
ATENOR Projet City Dox Bruxelles Vue Sur Jardin
ATENOR Projet City Dox Bruxelles Maison De Repos Et De Soins
ATENOR Projet City Dox Bruxelles Vue De Coté
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