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A decidedly smart business campus in Bucharest proposing 54,000 m² offices and retail. Ideally situated, the site is superbly accessible by road (the airport and city centre are scarcely 15 minutes away) and by public transport. Architectural performance, flexible and innovative spaces, and eco-design: the project aims for BREEAM Excellent certification.
A rental contract concerning 4,800 m² was signed in December 2019 with Gameloft®, the video game developer and publisher, belonging to the Vivendi group. Negotiations are in progress for the signing of a lease contract with other tenants.

Dan Catalinescu_ATENOR Romania_Studio_061

Dan Catalinescu

Project Manager, For Mira Concept Design SRL

Razvan Jiga - Romania

Razvan Jiga

Senior Construction Manager, By Razvan Jiga PFA


Beginning of the works : Q1 2020


53,750 m² offices and 950 m² retail


Urban Office

Project owner

NOR Real Estate srl (100% ATENOR)

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