CCN – Joint Venture

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ATENOR, AG Real Estate and AXA IM - Real Assets, acting on behalf of one of its clients, have signed a partnership agreement for a major development on what is currently known as the CCN site, adjacent to Brussels' Gare du Nord station.
Blessed with exceptional access to public transport (Metro and bus station are an integral part of the building, plus direct access to the Gare du Nord railway station), the project lies at the heart of a district that has recently embarked on a deep transformation. The neighborhood of the big urban railway stations, by combining density, mixity and public spaces of quality, will constitute the pillars of the development of the cities of the future. This project should be a perfect representation.
Works on the project are scheduled to begin in 2022 when the Brussels-Capital Region (which currently occupies most of the existing building) will leave the premises.
Jean-Michel Malaise_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_035

Jean-Michel Malaise

Project Director


Beginning of the works : 2022


90,000 m² offices - 10.000 m² retail - 30,000 m² residential



Project owner

ATENOR S.A., AG Real Estate, AXA IM-Real Asset

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