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Revitalising urban centres, a balancing act

The recent pandemic and successive lockdowns have accelerated the exodus to the countryside. To put a stop to empty city centres, cities must find a way to make them attractive once again. A revitalization that can only succeed by finding the right balance between all components of the urban ecosystem. Trade plays an essential role …

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Sowing green bonds to make the carbon transition a success

Green bonds are an important lever for financing the ecological transition. They allow companies and public entities to finance their environmental projects, particularly investments in infrastructure and, therefore, buildings. The ongoing energy and environmental transition requires massive investments, particularly in buildings. Green bonds, which appeared around 2014, allow real estate companies to promote an ecological …

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A new decarbonisation standard for UK buildings

According to the Green Building Council’s Whole Life Carbon Roadmap, UK buildings are directly responsible for nearly a quarter of carbon emissions in the UK. This finding has led the main players in sustainable building to develop a unified emission management standard. Nine of the major organisations campaigning for a responsible construction sector have joined …

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Vancouver is home to the world’s tallest passive building

Located on the Pacific coast, on the border with the USA, the major Canadian port has embarked on an ambitious environmental policy. It is no wonder it fell for this latest generation residential tower, which reconciles design, well-being, the environment, and social issues. Canadian promoter Brivia Group chose Vancouver as the location for The Curv. …

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