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Pantin becomes the new Brooklyn in Paris

18 February 2020

Pantin becomes the new Brooklyn in Paris

Pantin, near the outskirts of Paris, is ready for the 21st century. With its arty aura, its affordable prices per square metre and its easy access, the former working-class city is now the flagship of Greater Paris. Contemporary galleries, a marina, luxury businesses, cultural events… In a matter of years, Pantin has become the new …

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Art, colourful walls, light: architects and designers compete creatively to fight the evils of open space. A brief overview of these new spaces that symbolise today’s collaborative, ultra-flexible and connected workplaces. Fosbury & Sons: arty atmosphere After its success in the WATT Tower in Antwerp, Fosbury & Sons opened its first serviced office in Brussels. …

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Some cities and buildings are very photogenic. Others ask for a particular point of view… An overview of the most beautiful urban photographs through 5 profiles of remarkable artists. Michael Wolf: the vertical eye The awarded photographer Michael Wolf takes us to the vertical cities of Hong Kong. Wolf, who recently passed away, lived in …

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In the streets of the old industrial district of Beato, in East Lisbon, start-ups and co-working spaces have set up their business in abandoned warehouses on the edge of the Tagus. To survive the crisis, Portugal has put in place a strategy to attract investors and innovative companies. Time for a closer look. The arrival …

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