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Rudy Ricciotti: the soul of concrete

30 March 2020

Rudy Ricciotti: the soul of concrete

A tireless controversialist, Frenchman Rudy Ricciotti is the pioneer and ambassador of concrete with many achievements such as the MuCEM in Marseille, the Bordeaux Métropole Arena, the Footbridge of Peace in Seoul or the Musée de La Boverie in Liège. He will give a lecture at Flagey at the end of this year. Poles in …

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A giant, rusty wreck, whose bow points to the sky… The Top Tower, for which works are expected to start in 2021, will be the tallest tower in the Czech Republic. And it is quite a symbol. From Gothic facades to baroque storefronts and a multitude of contours ranging from Art Nouveau to Art Deco… …

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At 82, the Italian architect accumulates projects all over the world. From Genoa where he was born to Paris where he lives, in Osaka (Kansai international Airport), New York (Times building), London (The Shard culminating at 306m high): time for a closer look at the career of this Italian giant, winner of the Pritzker Prize …

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The architectural firm of Oslo designs the masterplan for Budapest South Gate, a new district of the Hungarian capital. Its mission: to build a residential neighbourhood for 12,000 students with numerous educational, recreational and sports facilities. It is a small firm on the rise. It has designed the Lascaux IV Art Centre in Dordogne, the …

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