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California: Google continues to invest in office real estate

Good news for industry professionals: Google has decided to continue its growth by renting new office space in San Francisco. While some of its competitors are reducing the size of their locations in the wake of the pandemic, the tech company has decided to go against the tide by renting enough space to accommodate 300 …

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Budapest: pavements that capture the energy of the sun

Solar panels are no longer just for roofs. A Hungarian company, based in Budapest, has just installed the first solar cladding on a residential driveway “Roofs are not the only surfaces that can be used for solar power generation.” This statement was made by Imre Sziszák, co-founder and engineer of Platio. This Hungarian company, based …

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Berlin: illustrating its digital transformation through its new headquarters

The German publisher Axel Springer has just inaugurated its new building in Berlin, which is intended to illustrate the transition from print to digital media. Four years after the start of its conception, the German press giant (Bild, Die Welt…) has installed all its editorial offices in its new nerve centre. Renowned Dutch architect Rem …

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Cairo: building to heal

A new kind of hospital will be created in Cairo, Egypt. It was designed to promote contact between patients and nature. And therefore, accelerate their healing. Foster + Partners has unveiled the first visuals of the future Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Center Hospital. The 300-bed hospital will have a shell-shaped roof, reminiscent of the shape …

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