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Will agritecture soon feed our cities?

As the world’s population grows, the natural resources used to produce food are increasingly threatened by climate change, and urban sprawl continues to take the place of farmland, we urgently need solutions that are more creative to grow, distribute and consume food. On which professions will we have to rely to build a more secure …

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Amsterdam: circular and aquatic

A lakeside, sustainable city, designed according to the principles of circularity: this community project is intended to become a prototype of floating urban development. Schoonschip is an innovative circular district of Amsterdam, which has occupied the Johan van Hasselt canal for several years. A group of citizens wishing to develop an energy-neutral housing project imagined …

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Do you know the most sustainable city in the world?

The study, conducted by UK price comparison company Uswitch, calculated an index based on seven sustainability factors: energy, transport infrastructure, affordability, pollution, air quality, CO2 emissions, and the percentage of green spaces available. It was Canberra that was placed at the top of this list. The Australian capital manages to produce 48% of its energy …

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Luxembourg: Icône plays with transparency

The new urban district of Belval will soon host a new office complex, designed by Foster + Partners, in collaboration with the Luxembourg office Beiler François Fritsch. By itself, the appearance of the new building sums up its philosophy: it’s all about transparency. The facade will facilitate the interactions between the interior and the exterior …

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