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Construction: but where does wood come from?

Divercity is starting a series of articles on the use of wood in commercial real estate. In this first part, we will look at its geographical origin, the certified sectors and the evolution of European forestry. In Europe, the largest wood-producing regions are Tyrol (Austria) and Germany. Resources are abundant and PEFC-certified: for each mature …

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London welcomes the world’s first zero-carbon hotel

It is supposed to be 89% more sustainable than a standard hotel. In West London, Room2Chiswick opened at the end of December 2021, and it is a hotel that aims to be zero-carbon throughout its life. All the energy needed to power Room2Chiswick comes from renewable green energy. Not only have resources been maximised on …

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Germany: a house that overturns the idea of architecture

In the suburbs of Hanover, a curious client and an innovative architecture office have invented the first “100% second-hand” housing. Conclusion: yes, we can build ANYTHING from recycled materials. Designing a new building with reused elements requires several conditions :   finding the materials in an appropriate condition and in sufficient quantity   these reused …

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What if construction was the solution to the climate crisis?

Here’s one of the bold ideas unveiled at COP26: what if buildings could act like trees, capturing carbon, purifying the air and regenerating the environment? The well-known American agency Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM, created in 1936) presented Urban Sequoia, an architectural concept that could be summed up in “forests of buildings”. These ‘forests’ isolate …

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