De Molens

Belgium, Deinze In portfolio
An initial entry in the property market in Flanders. ATENOR concluded a 50-50 partnership with 3D Real Estate to develop a mixed (residential and retail) project of 32,151 m² in the heart of Deinze, on the site of the former 'Dossche' mills.
Covering an area of 2.14 ha, the site enjoys a privileged location in the city centre, near the train station and the shopping street Tolpoort. Thanks to this excellent accessibility by public transport and road arteries, the site boasts all the winning assets for quality urban development.
Vincent De Vos_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_042

Vincent De Vos

Project Director, for Vox Group SRL


Maarten Franssens

Project Manager, for LNDMRK BV






32,151 m² residential and retail



Project owner

ATENOR S.A. - 3D Real Estate

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