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Ideally situated in District 3 of Budapest, the ROSEVILLE project will offer two office buildings and retail spaces of 16,150 m². The location is one of the main competitive advantages of this site. Situated 300 metres from the l ‘Új Udvar’ (‘New Court’ shopping centre), the site is easily accessible by public transport and by road. Thanks to the Arpad Bridge and to the recently built Megyeri Bridge, the city centre and the MO-M3 motorways are just a few minutes away by car. The area is moreover well served by bus and tram lines. The works are slated to start in the 2nd quarter of 2020.
Katalin Poozca - Hungary

Katalin Poócza

Project Manager


Beginning of the works : Q2 2020


12.000 m² offices and 4.150 m² retail


Artonic Design Kft.

Project owner

Bécsi Greens Kft (100% ATENOR)

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