La Sucrerie

Belgium, Ath Completed
ATENOR is giving a new lease of life to an old industrial site on the banks of the Canal in Ath. Convinced of the potential of the district and the winning assets of the City of Ath, we developed far more than a real estate project: an entire neighbourhood is coming back to life with La Sucrerie: 183 apartments, a nursery, retail outlets, gardens and green spaces, but also a cycling/pedestrian plot to serve as a bridge between the neighbourhood and the city centre.
Vincent De Vos_ATENOR Belgium_Studio_042

Vincent De Vos

Project Director, for VOX Group SRL


End of works : Q4 2020


19.550 m² residential - 450 m² retail - 530 m² nursery


DDS & Partners et Holoffe & Vermeersch

Project owner


ATENOR Projet La Sucrerie Ath Vue Aérienne
ATENOR Projet La Sucrerie Ath Vue Canal
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