Hermes Business Campus

Romania, Bucharest In portfolio
A superb office campus: 'BREAAM Excellent'
Along Dimitri Pompeiu Boulevard, in the north of Bucharest, HERMES BUSINESS CAMPUS is exceptionally accessible and has an immediate link to the airport.
A real commercial success, the campus plays host to prestige names such as : Genpact, DB Schenker, Luxoft, Lavalin...
Sorin Dumitrascu_ATENOR Romania_Studio_003

Sorin Dumitrascu

Country Manager, for PFA Dumitrascu Sorin


Completed at the end of 2016


75,200 m² offices


West Group Architecture srl

Project owner

NGY Properties Investment SRL (100 % ATENOR)

ATENOR Projet Hermes Business Campus Bucarest Vue Frontale
ATENOR Projet Hermes Business Campus Bucarest Vue De Coté
ATENOR Projet Hermes Business Campus Bucarest Vue Du Lounge
ATENOR Projet Hermes Business Campus Bucarest Vue Des Bureaux

Situated in front of the neighbourhood’s main metro station, HERMES BUSINESS CAMPUS is rapidly accessible by the urban public transport network. Soft mobility is also promoted thanks to a “smart” parking facility equipped with a number plate recognition system and shared electric bikes are made available. The HBC 1 building was completed in March 2014 and the offices are today fully let to various tenants such as DB Schenker, Luxoft, the Dutch embassy, Xerox, etc. The second building (HBC 2) was delivered in March 2016 and is totally let to such household names as Mondelez, Luxoft, Lavalin, DB Schenker. The last building (HB 3) was completed in November 2016. Prestigious tenants such as Genpact Romania, world leader in business operations, have taken possession of the premises. The rental success confirms the suitability of the HERMES BUSINESS CAMPUS project to the requirements of the Romanian market. Thanks to their size, the flexible way their space is organized and their technical qualities, the three buildings meet the requirements of national and international companies, especially Call Centres and Shared Service Centres by fostering high concentration and great efficiency.

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