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Unique office space combining heritage and modernity. In the historical heart of Bucharest, ATENOR embarked on the challenge of renovating a listed villa, formerly occupied by the German representation, and a theatre with a protected historical facade, and to add a new Class A building. Dacia 1 is ideally situated at the intersection of two main arteries, Dacia Boulevard and Calea Victoriei. This ever so prized commercial avenue links in particular the seat of the Romanian government to parliament. The exceptional location of the site is an undeniable major winning asset in a very active rental market.
Razvan Jiga - Romania

Razvan Jiga

Senior Construction Manager, By Razvan Jiga PFA

Dan Catalinescu_ATENOR Romania_Studio_061

Dan Catalinescu

Project Manager, for Mira Concept Design SRL

Valentin Marinus

Valentin Verdes

Project Manager, for Wave Management Consulting


Beginning of the works : Q3 2019


15,950 m² offices - 350 m² retail



Project owner

174 Victorei Business Development SRL (100 % ATENOR)

The historical monument dating from 1880, for which a renovation permit has been obtained, offers a gross area of approximately 1,800 m². The 3 facades property, which will be restored in its original style while retaining its grand internal staircase, was rented (in a future state of completion) to Noerr ROMANIA, the local representation of the German legal and tax advisors.

The new building will provide approximately 16,000 m² of state-of-the-art Class A office space. The building will also incorporate the historic facade of a building next to the classified villa.  This new construction was leased (in a future state of completion) under a ten-year lease to ING Tech, the software development hub of ING.

The PUZ (zonal regulation) for this new component of the project was obtained in May 2019 and authorizations are in progress.


ATENOR Projet Dacia Bucarest Vue Frontale
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